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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I receive when I sign up for the ONE3ONE Diet Program? What materials do I receive access to and for how long?

The ONE3ONE Method is a twelve (12) week Program. Commencing upon your start date, you shall receive access to the Program and the Program’s online materials for as long as your membership specified.

Can I follow this if I’m vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, have allergies, celiac disease or other dietary restrictions?

Yes, you can modify this program regardless of the dietary pattern you currently follow!

What happens when the Program expires?

At the expiration of your membership, all access to the Program and the Program’s materials shall cease. You can continue to have access to the Program and Program’s materials after the expiration of your membership by renewing at the current renewal rate.

What is the cancellation/refund policy?

The 131 Method is non-refundable. Meal Plans are also non-refundable.

Can I exercise while I’m doing this?

Yep! Exercise will be discussed in the program but everyone is different in terms of type and frequency of exercise.

Can I follow the Program if I am pregnant or nursing? What if I have a thyroid condition, diabetes, autoimmune disease or other medical condition? What if I don’t want to lose weight, but I want to get healthy?

Please consult with your physician about your specific medical condition or situation. We have provided basic modifications for those with specific health conditions. This program is about overall health and designing your own personal eating plan, so you may have to make special modifications to make it work for you. Consult with your physician before removing medications or making any major changes that may impact your treatment or specific condition. Please search inside CLUB for modifications on specific health conditions.

If you are breastfeeding, please make sure your milk supply is well established before experimenting with your diet.

Some populations such as pregnancy, nursing moms, type 1 diabetes, and more should not participate in the Fat Burning or fasting portions of the ONE3ONE. There are many other parts of the program though that are beneficial to overall health.

Even if weight loss is not your goal, but you want to get healthier, improve gut health, decrease inflammation and improve quality of life, you’ll definitely benefit from the ONE3ONE Method.

What if I mess up and feel like I’m not doing a good job?

This is an experiment. This is not a diet. You cannot fail. You cannot “mess up,” unless you fail to try, have a defeated closed-minded attitude or just give up on yourself. Jump back in and engage with the amazing community that’s going through the same thing you are!

Is this a 12-week ketogenic diet?

This is definitely not a ketogenic diet. This is your opportunity to experiment with nutrition. You’ll learn about the benefits of fat burning, and switching away from sugar burning, and the benefits of PHASING  your diet.  Temporarily you’ll eat high fat, low carb, and to achieve a fat burning state, but there is difference between doing that short-term and living in state of ketosis.

So many people get attached to a dieter’s mentality, and attaching themselves to one way of eating, and staying labeled by following only one way of eating. In ONE3ONE, we’ll constantly be PHASING our diets.

In Ignite (Level 1),  Nourish (Level 2) and Renew (Level 3) we’ll be eating completely differently.