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Intro to Intermittent Fasting

Want to improve your gut health with the benefits of fasting? With this guide you’ll not only learn what intermittent fasting is, but how to do it properly. Inside you’ll discover 6 recipes to help you get started, including recipes for coffee, bone broth, brain bombs and lemon ginger water.

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Fasting is not a fad. It's a health tool that can be phased into your lifestyle in a safe and easy to understand way.

Here's What's Inside

Learn what intermittent fasting is, who should (and show not do it) and the health benefits associated with it.
A list of foods and drink you CAN and should have while intermittent fasting.
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6 free recipes for fasting including coffee, bone broth, lemon ginger water, and brain bombs to make fasting a breeze.

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