Testimonials 2 - The 131 Method

Thousands of People Have Changed Their Lives.


Jennifer has many reasons to celebrate!

I can get my wedding ring off for the first time in over two years!”


 That’s thanks to losing the inflammation that kept her swollen and puffy for years! She lost over 19 pounds and 12 inches in just three months. Her energy improved significantly and she feels more focused than ever. More focus means more productivity, and often, the ability to be more fully present. Brain fog robs far too many people of their peace and sanity. Simple tweaks to one’s diet are often the answer!

"I dropped 2 pant sizes, lost 35 pounds, and found foods that cause me bloating and acne!" - Sarah E.

Throughout the program, she tested various foods she suspected were causing her bloating and acne. And she found them! By eliminating those specific foods that caused her body inflammation, she cured both problems. Now, she has a much better relationship with food.

The 131 Method gave me knowledge and understanding of my body. But most of all, I no longer mentally beat myself up. I don’t fail, I just keep moving forward.

"The 131 Method has affected my whole family for the better." - Emily O.

I love the 131 Method for so many reasons! I save money! Now that I’ve learned about the ingredients, quality of foods and how they effect my brain, my gut health and joints it’s easy to say no. So many aches and pains are caused by these “foods.” I don’t want this to sound bad, but Americans eat way too much and this goes for kids too. I’ve benefited from the 131 for my kids!

Emily has been with the 131 Method since its inception. She lost 25 pounds and literally changed her life. Already a fitness professional, she quickly realized she couldn’t out-train her diet. She discovered the importance of food quality, and how her choices affected her brain, gut, joints and aches and pains. The 131 is now ingrained in her, and she regularly cycles through the program to maintain her results. The 131 isn’t a diet. It’s an anti-inflammatory lifestyle that’s always there for you when you need it. It’s like a tune up for your car. It’s how our bodies were meant to function and run.

"The 131 taught me to think about my own body and how to properly fuel it - Josh M.

The 131 taught me to think about my own body and how to properly fuel it. I lost almost 16 pounds in 12 weeks with absolutely no changes to my exercise routine.

In the past, any weight Josh would lose was because he blindly followed a meal plan or fitness DVD. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn’t. And when it did, he never was educated on how, or why it worked. But now, he is the creator of his own meal plan, designed with his needs in mind.

“The 131 Method is the best thing I’ve ever done.” - Brook S.

I couldn’t be happier! I still have a ways to go on my health, but being able to say, I went from a 8 on a scale of 1-10 for bloating and inflammation to a 1—is pretty amazing! Eczema is GONE! Sleep is more sound. Clothes fit better and feel better. Mental clarity is 100% better. Zero food cravings. 131 Method the best thing I’ve ever done!

Brooke S. lost a whopping 28 pounds in 12-weeks! Perhaps more impressive is that she cured her struggle with eczema. It’s 100% GONE! (Think food and skin problems aren’t connected? Think again!). In addition, her daily bloating and inflammation went from an 8, down to a 1. Her clothes fit so much better as a result. Brook says she sleeps more soundly and her mental clarity and focus improved. She did all of this and had zero food cravings (meaning the 131 didn’t feel like a traditional white-knuckle diet).